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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


A WebAble TV On-Demand Webcast Interview Program Series Launching in September, 2017

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Americans with Disabilities:
What a New Administration Should Know for 2017 and Beyond

A WebAble TV On-Demand Webcast Interview Program Series Launching in September , 2017

The 56 million Americans with disabilities make important, valuable contributions to our society in a full spectrum of roles. With a new administration in place at the federal government level, the community of people with disabilities stands ready to contribute their talent and energy to fostering an understanding of what is necessary to allow members of this community to lead independent lives while insuring the continued success of our great nation.

WebAble TV is producing a series of video interview segments with thought leaders and distinguished professionals from the community of people with disabilities on current topics and trends that should be addressed by new leaders in government to meet the needs of Americans with disabilities, while benefitting from their skills and abilities, to set forth an inclusive vision as we head into the next four years.

About WebAble TV

WebAble TV
( www.WebAble.TV) is an Internet TV Channel on the TV Worldwide Network (www.TVWorldwide.com) dedicated to providing accessible live and on-demand interactive coverage of the issues, activities and events important to the community of people with disabilities. Produced in cooperation with WebAble TV charter sponsor, The Paciello Group, (www.PacielloGroup.com), our staff of industry professionals with extensive experience in the production of accessible Internet TV programming for the disability community, seeks to inform, educate and engage audiences to generate feedback and build intelligent consensus for the advancement of all people with disabilities . WebAble TV values input from our audiences on content and programming suggestions at [email protected]

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