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You provided an excellent show on the non-compliance of section 508 within the federal government. Mr. Paciello was on target with all of his comments.

Thanks for being courageous.

You and your team were solid today on 508. You know your stuff. I know federal employees afraid to talk publicly about their reasons for not filing lawsuits against their agency for non-compliance.

Please do more shows

You and your friends were outstanding on the show. I am so glad you have the courage to tell it like it is. This administration pays less than lip service when it comes to assisting people with disabilities.

I would like to see more shows done regularly on disability issues. I praise Mr. Gardy for his captioning.

Your webcast on the status of section 508 was marvelous. You and your fellow panelists took the issues head on, and you scored big points with me and other members of the disability community who have believed Section 508 is a business bill.

Thanks for captioning the program. A dozen of my deaf friends and I watched it. You continue to be provocative and honest.

As a federal employee with a disability I can tell you that my agency is not implementing section 508 at all and attempts to persuade managers to comply result in lectures as being irresponsible and sometimes unpatriotic during a time of federal fiscal crisis.

The EPA has no interest in implementing 508, and I believe it is not in this administration's priorities to make 508 work.

As a vendor of Assistive Technology products selling to the federal government, I have been disappointed in the government's lack of response to 508. As with many vendors, I thought once section 508 became law, we would increase our sales. That has not happened. Section 508 does not even register in many federal agencies.

I am so glad that your group and Mr. Lambert brought out the serious deficiencies in the federal government's non-compliance with 508.

Once again you showed your liberal bias and your narrow mindedness regarding the Bush Administration's dealings with disabled people. I want to point out to you that President Bush initiated his New Freedom Initiatives Act, he issued an executive order on Holmstead, his budget for special education increased money, and his administration has done a good job on implementing section 508.

Your and your liberal bias friends ought to be ashamed of yourself for impruning the president's reputation. He is a greater American than all of you combined.

I immensely enjoyed your show on 508 yesterday and contacted ADAPT-CAL@yahoogroups.com, berkeley-disabled@onelist.com, drees@marinmail.info to tell them so.

Thanks for airing the show. The enforcement of section 508 has international applications and its spiraling effects can provide tens millions of unemployed people with disabilities jobs provided they get access to the assistive technology they need.

While I agree with the assessments of you and your colleagues on the status of section 508 in the federal government, to be fair someone from the president's administration should have appeared on the show to present the administration's position on whether it is or is not implementing section 508. I am certain the Bush administration has a contrary point of view and it should be heard for balance.

I would love to see more specifics given on any followup shows that you do. For example, can you be more specific on what agencies need to do to implement section 508 and what websites are not accessible.

Lastly, I believe you are 100% correct. It will take a major lawsuit by a federal employee to persuade the federal government to comply with section 508. People with disabilities who are not working for the federal government should be filing suits, too.

Any future shows you do on disability issues should be syndicated. Your webcast on section 508 was wonderful. Everyone knew what they were talking about.

I have three criticisms of the show, and they are:

1. It was void of diversity. All of the presenters were white males. What happened to women? They constituted more than half of the country's population?

2. What happened to Blacks? Hispanics? Asians? Native Americans?

3. The acoustics need to be improved. It was difficult to hear Richard Lambert, and he made some great business points.

I think you and Dave Gardy and Michael Paciello and Mr. Lambert deserve a medal for doing the show. It was well done and very informative.

Lastly, I throught the points all the panelists made that section 508 is a business boost is correct. I am baffled on why the Bush Administration does not see 508 this way.

I watched your show on section 508 and applaud it for its contents and scope. There is no mystery behind why the Bush administration does not care about disability issues and the implementation of section 508. Disabled people are not big contributors to the Republican party. No disabled person to my knowledge is a member of Bush's inner circle. We simply do not exist in the eyes of President Bush and his staff. We are the usurpers of federal funds in their minds. Unless you are rich and can buy influence this president and his administrative cronies will not listen to our needs.

Bravo for airing such a brave show.

I think disabled people ought to rally around disability issues and vote President Bush and his cronies out of office.

You scored high points with me on your 508 webcast. All of the participants knew what they were saying. It's too bad the Administration is not working to make 508 work.

Best of luck to you in the future.

Your webcast on section 508 and its premise that the Bush Administration is not implementing it is inncorrect. I know the Administration is working hard to enforce section 508 throughout every agency in the federal government.

You owe an apology to the Administration. You are a mindless liberal.

Also, people like you with your type of speech problem should not be on the air. I do not need to waste my time listening to a stutterer. Stick to your writing and let people who can talk talk.

The federal government does not need another czar. We can not win the war on drugs with one, what makes you and your colleagues believe we can do better with a 508 czar.

To make 508 work the federal government must put more money into training and education.

Other than the czarist comment, I think the show itself was outstanding.

If I was a federal employee with a disability, I would be personally concerned about criticizing the federal government and losing my job during this era of super patriotism. It will take a courageous federal employee with a disability to file suit against his agency for not complying with section 508. I think for effect the lawsuit needs to be filed by multiple disabled federal employees much like a class action suit, and any suits have to be done simultaneously.

I wholeheartedly support your contention that the federal government must put greater emphasis on enforcing section 508 so it can have a spiralling effect in the states.

As a manager working on disability and assistive technology areas in a Northeastern state government I can tell you we are looking to the feds for leadership in 508 implementation. In talking to my counterparts in many states, we do not see 508 leadership from the federal agencies. This is a tragic state of events because of the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities nationwide.


I caught your recent show on the web on section 508. It was excellent. The points everyone made were valid. At the engery department, section 508 implementation is seldom discussed. I am so glad to see the topic being discussed with the frankness of your group.



Your team of 508 panelists know what they are talking about. Section 508 is not being implemented government wide. Congress should investigate why it is not.

Mr. Williams,

Superbly done are the best descriptive words I can give you on your show on the status of section 508. You gave this admiistration hell. My handicapped daughter works for the federal government, and she says none of the managers at the EPA show the slightest interest in implementing section 508.

My daughter and many of her handicapped friends and I watched your show and took great delight in what everyone had to say. Do it again!

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